Customer Reviews

I took a personal loan with Maxcredit to fund my Masters studies overseas. I believe their rates were competitive enough and their customer service personnel was professional in handling my loans. Now, after graduating, I managed to repay all my loans with the assistance of Maxcredit that helped to tide me over my studies period. I will recommend to my friends and family as a personal loan company.

I was recommended by a friend of a licensed moneylender financing company for my business when we decided to set up an overseas office in Hong Kong. I took on business loan and payday loan plans with Maxcredit due to the flexibility, knowledgeable and professionalism of their customer service officer.

- Ren Wei


My husband and I took on a two-year cash loan for home renovations and I will like to thank Maxcredit for the assistance you have provided me.

- Jennifer


I lost some money in bad investments few months back and had to take up personal loans with the company. I’m glad to say I am no longer in the red and have fully repaid my personal loan. Thank you Maxcredit.

- David Lim


I am glad to have taken a loan in singapore for my business though there are many other moneylender company. I appreciate it being a licensed company and an officer who is aware of my situation and can help.

- Carlos Reyes